Guild of Glimmerglass Festival FAQ’s

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about the Guild.

Q  How do Guild members learn about Guild and Company events?
A  With the launching of this website, members of the Guild now have an on-line internet presence which, in addition to reporting on recent events and activities, also gives a listing of upcoming events of interest. Also, News & Notes, the bi-monthly newsletter of the Glimmerglass Guild edited by Richard and Harriett Johnson, is mailed out to all Guild members. In addition, the Company and the Guild send mailings and emails throughout the year about upcoming events, activities and plans.

Q  Is ushering a Guild function?
A  All Glimmerglass Festival’s ushers are volunteers. While ushering is not a Guild function, giuld members are encouraged to become ushers. Those interested should contact the the Festival’s House Manager.

Q  How do I receive “comp” tickets?
A  For every 16 hours of volunteer work, Guild members receive one complimentary ticket to a main stage performance subject to date and house availability. The maximum number of Comp tickets issued to an individual Guild member per year is four. Members are responsible for reporting their hours to the Volunteer Services Chair.

Q  How often does the Guild meet?
A  An annual membership meeting takes place in the fall.

Q  When are membership dues payable?
A  Membership in the Guild is for one year. Renewal notices are mailed to members well in advance of their due date each spring.

Q  What benefits do Guild members receive from the Company?
A  Guild members enjoy many benefits as part of their membership. Members are invited to final dress rehearsals and opening performance cast parties. Guild members also receive a discount at the campus Gift Shop and at the Concession Stand.

Q  How can I contact the Festival?
A  The Festival has a comprehensive website:, accessible through a link on the Home Page of this website.