Reporting Volunteer Hours

At the end of September each year, (the date of the end of the Festival’s fiscal year) Guild members are asked to report the number of hours they spent as volunteers on various projects from October through September. These hours are reported to the Company and are presented in the Glimmerglass Festival program, giving the total for the Guild as a whole. In addition, the Company uses the total number of volunteer hours as a key ingredient in each year’s grant applications.

In appreciation for volunteer time spent, each volunteer is given complimentary passes for opera performances in the Busch Theater in the coming season. One comp ticket is awarded for each 16 hours of volunteer time, up to a total of 4 comps per volunteer per year.

Rita Emanuel, Chair of the Volunteer Services Committee, has prepared a guide for Opera Guild members to use in tabulating their time spent doing the various volunteer tasks during the course of the year.

Hours to report:

  • Report time spent in preparation of food for any Guild-related events, whether on the Glimmerglass campus or elsewhere. This includes time spent shopping, driving, cooking or in other preparation, delivering, serving and clean-up.
  • Report time spent in meetings of the Guild, including Guild Board meetings and Guild committee meetings. Also include any preparation for these meetings and related driving time.
  • Report time spent telephoning, planning, setting-up, marketing, writing letters, emailing or other activities related to Guild or Company events, communications, educational activities or other Guild committee work.
  • Report time spent giving clerical assistance to the Company such as filing, mailings or other office work. Transportation assistance such as picking up individuals from airports or train stations when the request to perform these services comes through the Guild.

Hours NOT to report:

  • Any time spent related to ushering, including driving time. These hours are reported separately by the House Manager.
  • Any time attending or related to any event or performance for which volunteer service is not performed.
  • Mileage.
  • Volunteer service to the Company by non-Guild members.